City of the Living God – Baptism

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Introducing City of the Living God, Volume III – Water Baptism.

Nothing could be more gratifying than taking the next step of your faith towards baptism. Get ready to see the power of a life that has been washed and made clean!

An International Darkness to Light Bible Study Project written by Paul Baumeister.

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If you are looking for effective Apostolic Outreach and Evangelism materials, you have to check out this incredible Bible Study on Water Baptism in the name of Jesus! I know you will see outstanding results from it!

This fill-in-the-blank Bible study will have the reader connecting in a deep and meaningful way with the doctrinal truths that the Word of God plainly declare about the salvific role and necessity of Water Baptism in the name of Jesus. Another TREMENDOUS FEATURE about this study is that it also includes a section entitled, “Historically Speaking,” which shares some incredibly powerful statements from the historical record of major mainstream theologians, lexicons and historians that all demonstrate the Biblical truth and validity of Water Baptism being adminstered always in the name of Jesus in the early church… WHICH CAN BE A MAJOR TURNING POINT FOR THE READER!!

Having been raised Roman Catholic, and then seeing the true light of this glorious gospel of Christ in August of 1985, I have made it one of my major life goals to take this Apostolic Truth to the far reaches of the world. As such, I have spent a lot of time working on making Bible Studies and Bible Study Tools. Back in 2003, I released my first series entitled, “City of the Living God” which included individual lessons on Faith, Repentance, Water Baptism, Spirit Baptism and the Nature of God.

After 15 years of GREAT SUCCESS (over 30 Trinitarian Pastors re-baptized and many of which took the message back to their respective congregations) I am excited to announce the launch of our completely BRAND NEW overhaul on the graphic design of the layout for our study on Water Baptism! I hope you will take the time to check it out and allow it to help bring a greater impact to your outreach and evangelism efforts!

Rev. Paul Baumeister

Rock Church Lodi, CA

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